1 January 2019 ,

NEW !!! POLYPREG / Vectran.
July 22, 2015,
Contender has developed a new type of cloth. We were the first sailmaker to use this cloth. We have high expectations for this Vectran Polypreg finish that is optimized for the increased diagonal stability needed in more performance oriented for the discerning cruising sailor.

The Polypreg Vectran fabric is a woven cloth and user-friendly. Vectran is known as a very strong fiber. This fiber makes the cloth very stable, so this fabric is by the way of weaving very good to use for cross-cut constructions.

Here you have to think of mainsails, Genoas, High Aspect breeding and breeding stag.
The fabric is also great for Rolf Okken and Rolgrootzeilen. Certainly the great stability, we expect a lot from it.

We already have the first set of sails made of it for a 41ft classic yacht. A normal mainsail and a Roll High Aspect Fok with vertical slats. The canvas has a very nice look.

After three weeks of sailing we are increasingly convinced that this cloth has an excellent future. The canvas also remains pretty at times without distortion. When reefing the H A jib with vertical slats remains the shape of the sail nice in it. The mainsail is equipped with two standard slats and three battened top bars that gives you a pretty stable top without having to compromise on the trim of the sail. The sail is beautiful trim in tread depth certainly using the shelf foot. We brought the ship up to 28 degrees to the wind with good speed. In the month of October we will definitely sail to perform further tests. I love you anyway informed
Want to see the canvas we can always send you a sample.