29 September 2018 ,

September 9, 2015,
The ships go back to the side. It is now the appropriate time to check on your sails and canvas work. We can arrange everything on deck for you, sails and canvas work, check or replace. We have over 30 years of experience in sail making and water sports.

It is important to check your sails regularly especially if the sails are used often. Summer 2015 was another beautiful summer when a lot of enjoyable sailing took place. With winter coming, it is time the perfect to check your all your sail and canvas work. We can arrange for sails to be washed and properly clean, now surely it is the appropriate time. Do contact us to request additional information.

Zwaan Sails has regularly rigged ships in the past, we now also provide control and possible replacement of your rigging. We work exclusively with the best quality rope. We can supply splitting and different closures; in winter we provide split as service until March 1st. On all the rigging you get 10% standard discount.

Having problems with your dekinrichting we can help you. We supply all brands batter and track systems for the mast. For special mast fittings, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you.
The advantage of an efficient deck, no annoyance while sailing, and it insures your sailing pleasure and safety. That\'s why it\'s so important to have everything well organized, so you in the new season your ship goes safely in the water. Many problems can be traced to overdue maintenance, so let it happen to you.