Cruising Sails

Often we are asked if cruising sails are less important than other types?
The answer is that nothing could be further from the truth, for us the developments of cruising sails is fairly important.
In the various types of Dacron, we offer many possibilities, more than most sailmakers.

As experienced craftsmen we will be happy to explain to you what the differences are and why one type of different would suit you better than the other. We are talking about years of experience that would assist when you looking to update or buy new sails.
Within our cruising line you will find very complete selection with many options to choose from.
Our Cruising Sails have been used and are suitable to use on the IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea, North Sea and any other sea you wish to sail. We design cruising sails so that there can be an optimum speed and height, these are important properties that you as a cruising sailor want to have.

A Dutch company as a Contender is always working to improve quality and performance of their sail cloth.:

  • Dacron of Contender, you will find many good qualities that will grant you excellent sailing
  • FiberCon Dacron is an example of this also offering a wide choice in different cruising laminates.
  • Fibercon Hybrid powered with Dyneema
    Specially designed for performance drive yachts and all round sailing who wants to make long trips without any problems.
  • Hybrid was developed on a radial cut and by combining it with different different weights while observing the forces in different areas of the sail, they create a lighter and more efficient sail.
  • FiberCon-Pro "Vectran"  a different Dacron which is Vectran strengthened.
    This material is used to cross-cut the sail.
    This material has a high dimensional stability and long life something that you as a sailor would like..
    There are now a number of sets produced by uis.

We include the latest technological developments in all of our sails. We design and produce all our sails in a way so we can offer maintenance and follow up service in subsequent years.
We offer an honest and accurate advice, that includes sometimes things you really don't want to hear, but honesty and proper advice above all.
Our aim is to have you as a satisfied customer for many years to come.
You are always welcome to come and visit and see firsthand our premises.