We have many different options to choose from.

The most common is the Gennaker All Round, this can be used from 60 to 160 degrees apparent wind, but in a light breeze you may add an extra 5-10 degrees.

  • All our gennakers its full radial cut.
  • Full radial is usually in our opinion the best option.
  • Prices include VAT.
  • In red / white or blue
  • Gennakers are full radial made with Contender fabric
  • stripper included.
  • All prices include VAT , exclude shipping costs.

All our Gennaker are produced from 1st quality Contender cloth, known as the best supplier of Spinnaker / Gennaker Materials. 

We supply Spinnakers for:

  • All round
  • Runners
  • Reachers


  • different . panel designs possible: tri , full or opti radial.
  • large choice of different sail cloths
  • Made in any desired size, thanks yo our computer cutting facilities.
  • ALso your (company) logo can be attached on the sails.