Sail Features

Main sails

  • High Performance Contender Sailcloth
  • Seams glued and stitched
  • U.V. resistant yarn
  • Blue Streake profiled battens
  • Top battened
  • Radial corner and reef reinforcements
  • Cummingham-hole
  • Stainless steel press stockings
  • Foot Shelf soft
  • Profile or slides
  • Dyneema leech line with terminals and storage
  • Tell tales
  • Stainless steel pressed
  • Trim stripes
  • ORC or IMS sail sign

Head Sais
• High Performance Contender Sailcloth
• Radial corner reinforcements
• Dyneema leech line in the lower and backward
• Profile or hanks
• Trim stripes and tell tales


Due to the large choice, laminate sails are in detail discussed with you before hand.

There is a large choice of cruise laminate fibers options that we will be happy to discussed with you.

All our sails are made using a modern computer aided design software.

  • Delivered in a large sail bag.
  • Your personal details are included in the construction of the sail.
  • All sails are sturdy and nicely finished as you would expect from us.
  • Free of charge measured on board.
  • One year warranty.
  • If you have any questions, you can always call us.
  • You are always welcome in our facilties in Lelystad.